HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. (CBS4) – The Animal Adventure Park updated it’s viewers and fans Monday night on the April’s condition. They say the pregnant giraffe is still showing uncharacteristic behavior like avoiding grain and lettuce, and toying with her hay.

Park keepers say despite the lack of appetite, April “likes a DR Tim Carrot Treat!” They anticipate another long night as we wait for April to give birth to her 4th calf.

In the meantime, keepers are changing up the routine in April and Oliver’s pens.

They posted saying “lights out” will come earlier these days “with the thought that a natural light cycle of the dusk and dawn type may help entice/speed up our labor.” They add treat times will also change.

A previous update stated April is seemingly comfortable and showing now signs of distress.

  1. Do zoo keepers ever let her outside to exercise?

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