DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet says he will not join fellow Democrats in blocking the nomination of Denver judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Senate Democrats say there is enough opposition to block the vote, but Bennet is one of only four Democrats to break ranks and let a vote happen — but he has not said how he will vote.

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Sen. Michael Bennet (credit: CBS)

Demonstrators will be in Denver Tuesday to press Bennet to oppose Gorsuch. He’s also getting pressure to support him. Either way Republicans say Gorsuch will be confirmed by Friday.

As expected, the Senate judiciary voted along party lines to send Gorsuch’s nomination to the full Senate where Republicans say he will be confirmed one way or another.

bennet on gorsuch 6pkg Sen. Bennet Doesnt Plan On Blocking Gorsuchs Supreme Court Nomination

(credit: CBS)

Democrats say they plan to filibuster — a procedural move to block the vote. Republicans need eight Democrats to end the filibuster. So far, four say they will, including Bennet.

“The Senate has a constitutional duty to give fair consideration to this nominee,” Bennet said.

bennet on gorsuch 6567pkg Sen. Bennet Doesnt Plan On Blocking Gorsuchs Supreme Court Nomination

Sens. Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet (credit: CBS)

Bennet, who still hasn’t said if he will vote for Gorsuch, hinted at his opposition to the filibuster when he and Republican Sen. Cory Gardner introduced Gorsuch at the hearing. But Bennet also scolded Republicans for blocking a hearing on President Obama’s nominee last year.

“It is tempting to deny Gorsuch a fair hearing because of the Senate’s prior failure, but Mr. Chairman, two wrongs never make a right,” Bennet said.

Republicans promise to change Senate rules if necessary to eliminate filibusters for Supreme Court nominees, allowing Gorsuch to be confirmed by simple majority.

  1. John Mertz says:

    Bennett’s stance is absurd. Republicans blocked Obama’s choice from even coming to a vote. Siding with these obscene excuses for human beings is ridiculous.

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