DENVER (CBS4) – State lawmakers have delayed a vote on a plan to create social clubs for marijuana consumption until Friday.

The House of Representatives moved it off its agenda on Monday.

pot clubs 6pkg tran7sfer Vote On Colorado Pot Clubs Delayed

(credit: CBS)

The bill’s sponsor says the idea is to give people a place where they consume marijuana together — legally — in order to keep them from smoking in parks and other public places.

People would have to be 21 to enter and the clubs would sell only snacks. There would also be no alcohol sold.

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Opponents say the bill could violate the Clean Indoor Act.

“Colorado communities have been strengthening, not weakening their smoke-free protections by expanding the locations covered and by prohibiting the use of marijuana and e-cigarettes in all their in all their covered locations,” R.J. Ours with the American Cancer Society said. “Senate Bill 184 now seeks to reverse that trend by increasing places where indoor marijuana smoking occurs.”

Opponents say the issue is about exposing people to second hand smoke.


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