By Jeff Todd

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Two young men say they’re lucky to be alive after a massive brawl targeted them in a Thornton park.

“I was getting pretty much cyber-bullied online,” said Tim. “I was going there to get someone to stop harassing me. I was getting a whole group of people to stop harassing me.“

Tim said he’s had issues with an ex-girlfriend that haven’t gone away. He said he was headed to the Woodglen/Brookshire park to bury the hatchet. Instead he and his friend walked into an ambush.

“I never thought in a million years they’d bring 40 people,” Tim said.

thornton park attack transfer1 Video Shows Mob Attacking Man Hoping To Bury Hatchet With Ex Girlfriend

(credit: CBS)

“When we pulled in there’s a lot of people there. People playing catch and stuff. And I was just like ‘normal day at the park.’ We walked about 10 or 15 feet and then here come a bunch of kids,” Josh said.

Online video from some people inside the brawl has spread. It shows dozens of teens and young adults attacking Tim and Josh.

“I probably recognize three out of the whole group of people. I’ve watched it probably 15 or 20 times,” Tim said about the videos posted to social media. “I was trying to get my keys in the ignition to leave … and by the time I knew anything was happening my door was open and I was getting punched in the face.”

“They hit the unlock button and came over to my side and just started punching me. Finally I said, ‘I need to get out of this car, and get us help or who knows what could happen, we could die,’ I could get stabbed,” Josh said.

thornton park attack tran0 0 sfer1 Video Shows Mob Attacking Man Hoping To Bury Hatchet With Ex Girlfriend

(credit: CBS)

Both men ran into a nearby neighborhood for safety. The attack happened for less than five minutes but both went to the hospital for injuries.

Thornton police say the size of the mob is making the investigation difficult but at least two adults have been arrested and more arrests could be possible. It’s likely juveniles were involved as well.

“What really got me was like 20 people just watching us get beat and how cruel that was. I could never watch someone get beat by 30-plus kids,” Josh said.

“I just hope people learn not to be followers and not go with the crowd,” Tim said.

Additional Information From The Thornton Police Department

Anyone with information on this attack should contact Thornton Police at (720) 977-5069.

Jeff Todd joined the CBS4 team in 2011 covering the Western Slope in the Mountain Newsroom. Since 2015 he’s been working across the Front Range in the Denver Headquarters. Follow him on Twitter @CBS4Jeff.


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