DENVER (CBS4) – Denver International Airport’s famous white colored tents over the terminal are going green thanks to a partnership with Colorado Yurt Company.

The Colorado Yurt Company grants is a Montrose-based maker of yurts, tipis and tents.

“The tents that cap Denver International Airport’s terminal are known around the world for their distinctive connection with the nearby Rocky Mountains, and Colorado Yurt Company tents have been handmade in Colorado since 1976,” airport CEO Kim Day said in a statement. “This is a partnership that just makes sense.

“This new brand alliance will allow DEN to offer a true Colorado experience for passengers arriving and connecting at the airport.”

Airports officials said approximately 200,000 gallons of paint will be applied to the tents beginning this summer.

“The newly painted structure will be known as the ‘Colorado Yurt Company Tents at Jeppesen Terminal,’ maintaining the heritage of the longtime terminal name,” DIA said.

“Cloaking the Jeppesen Terminal with the Colorado Yurt Company name is a great homage to an aviation pioneer’s passion for adventure in the sky and on the ground,” Day said.

As part of the agreement, the Colorado Yurt Company logo will be located on only one of the terminal’s 34 main peaks in order to preserve the beauty of this iconic feature. The designated tent peak, located on the south end of the terminal, will also include an environmentally safe smoke machine installed at the top of the tent’s exterior to recreate the effect of a tent stovepipe and evoke the Native American tipis that originally inspired Fentress Architects.

“It’s our hope that millions of passengers passing through DEN each year will be inspired to think of the yurts, tipis and tents that are a loved part of the Colorado landscape,” said Dan Kigar, co-owner and founder of Colorado Yurt Company. “Tipis were the inspiration for the architects of the terminal roof, and tipis were the inspiration for Colorado Yurt Company. We want this partnership to inspire travelers to go ‘Get Out in One.'”

“The Colorado Yurt Company also will be installing various models of its outdoor tents, yurts and tipis on each of the airport’s three concourses. These private shelters will each be fully furnished with other products, such as sleeping bags, lanterns and other amenities, and will be free for passengers to use during long layovers.”

“Happy April Fool’s Day from DEN and the Colorado Yurt Company!”

LINK: Colorado Yurt Company

Comments (4)
  1. Are you bats&*&t crazy? The “tents” and DEN are iconic. What a shame.

  2. Robert Ward says:

    You people are NUTS. The WHITE color is going to be GREEN?

    And, of course, SOMEBODY’s LOGO absolutely HAS to appear on at least one of the ‘peaks’.

    What a disgraceful event.

    Elrey Jeppesen wouldn’t have approved.

    1. Robert Ward says:

      Just learned that this was SOME SORT of April Fools joke.

      I WOULDN’T have surprised me as Colorado is being run, more and more, by the lunatic fringe who WOULD actually think that doing this would be ‘PROGESS’.

  3. Robert Ward says:

    Oh…HOW ABOUT ‘this’ as NEXT YEAR’s April fools joke:

    In a tribute to all of the OIL/GAS derived from the State of Colorado…legislators have decided to PAINT the DOME on the CAPITOL BUILDING….wait…wait…BLACK.

    Story would go something like…OIL/GAS has generated MORE INCOME for the State of Colorado than ALL of the GOLD ever mined within the State.

    The BLACK color of the dome would COLLECT/RETAIN SOLAR HEAT for the Capitol Building.
    Honors the importance of evolving SOLAR progress in the State of Colorado.

    Obviously…that would create a GREAT BACKLASH from GOLD lovers and might even find some ‘legs’ thinking it was BLACK DOMES MATTER day! LOL.

    You’ll have to wait until 2018…but don’t be surprised IF somebody STEALS my suggestion.

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