DENVER (CBS4) – It’s time to bust out the birthday cake! Well, maybe just a cupcake. The Denver Zoo says it’s Dobby’s one-month birthday today.

The baby giraffe became an international sweetheart when he was born. He drew concern by zoo staff, and viewers, after weighing only 73 pounds at birth, half the normal birth weight of a newborn giraffe. Added to that, Dobby had to get a plasma transfusion from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Today, we can happily report Dobby is showing “great progress,” says the Denver Zoo. “He’s gained more than 32 pounds, grown at least 5 inches taller,” the post stated.

Zoo officials say Dobby’s blood work is also back to normal.

Dobby is expected to grow to 12 feet tall in his first two year, and eventually up to 17 feet tall.

Dobby is the first giraffe born at the Denver Zoo since 2010.

PHOTO GALLERY: Meet Denver Zoo’s ‘Dobby’


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