WHITE BLUFF, Tenn. (CBS4) – A woman is double checking her sheets after finding a snake in her bed.

Christine Humphries, who lives in a cabin outside of Nashville, woke to find an unwanted guest in her bed in the middle of the night.

christine humphries snake in bed Woman Wakes Up To Find Snake In Her Bed

Christine Humphries (credit: CBS)

“I woke up and I thought the cat had touched my arm,” Humphries said.

Turns out, it wasn’t the cat at all.

“I had a really nice long snake stretched out in my bed like a limo. I yelled for my daughter downstairs and I said, ‘Briana, I got a snake in my bed!’ and she said, ‘what?!'”

bed snake 6sotvo transfer frame 600 Woman Wakes Up To Find Snake In Her Bed

(credit: CBS)

She contacted deputies, who came and removed the three-foot-long non-venomous rat snake.

Humphries said it may take her awhile to sleep in her bed again.


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