GILBERT, AZ (CBS4) – When he found out his son was bullied in school Isaac Irvine used the opportunity to teach his son, and everyone else, a valuable lesson.

And now that message is going viral.

“Some kids came by and said you look like a girl?” Isaac asked his son in a Facebook video.

“Yeah,” Bodi answered. “It made me feel sad.”

Everyone gets bullied, Isaac told his son. He does because of his tattoos. Football players do because of their long hair, which is just like Bodi’s.

What the bullies maybe don’t know, though, is that Bodi and his two brother Adin are both growing out their hair to donate to kids with cancer.

“I want Bodi to understand that he can effect the way other people act as much as he can effect the weather, so don’t place your emotional well-being in the hands of other people,” Isaac told CBS News.

He also said he didn’t expect so much attention from his video, but if it helps parents address bullying with their kids, Isaac says it’s worth it.

One person who commented on the post said, “this video has inspired me to be more open with my children. My son gets bullied too and it made him so happy to watch this and know other kids go through it.”


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