By Lauren DiSpirito

DENVER (CBS4) – Hundreds of Denver Broncos season ticket holders will not be able to renew their license to hold tickets for the upcoming season.

On Friday, the Broncos organization emailed season ticket holders telling them they will not be eligible for renewal during the 2017-2018 season because they “did not personally use their tickets to attend a single game in 2016.”

broncos tickets Mistreated?: Some Broncos Season Ticket Holders Lose License To Renew

(credit: CBS)

The team has the right to revoke ticket holders’ licenses and says it excluded only fans who sold all of their tickets on a secondary market. But CBS4 heard from fans who say that was not the case, including one man who says as work and then knee surgery kept him from attending games, he gave his tickets to friends and family.

“The wins, the Super Bowls, endured long losing seasons in the stands in blizzards and stuff and then that was taken away from me in a flash of a moment, in an email,” he said.

broncos season tix 10pkg435645 transfer Mistreated?: Some Broncos Season Ticket Holders Lose License To Renew

CBS4’s Lauren DiSpirito interviews a season ticket holder who lost his ability to renew (credit: CBS)

The season ticket holder asked we not use his name, as he asks the Broncos club to reverse its decision. He says his family first obtained the tickets in 1968.

“We just lost something that we prided ourselves on — being a season ticket holder,” he said. “My father probably turned over in his grave.”

He says the notification came without warning.

“I was shocked” he said. “There was nothing coming through that said if I don’t go to a game, I’m going to lose my tickets.”

broncos season tix 10pkg transfer Mistreated?: Some Broncos Season Ticket Holders Lose License To Renew

(credit: CBS)

The club is now reviewing a “number of concerns” raised by affected ticket holders, adding in a statement — “We understand there also may be special circumstances, such as military deployment and personal health reasons, that would prevent an account holder from being able to attend a game.”

The text of the email reads:

Re: Account #######

Thank you for your support of the Denver Broncos and your interest in renewing season tickets. As you are aware and as stated in our season ticket agreement, Broncos season tickets are revocable licenses granted on a yearly basis at the sole discretion of the club. Therefore, the purchase of previous season tickets does not guarantee the ability to secure future season tickets.

After careful review and consideration of your account activity, we have determined that you did not personally use your tickets for even a single game in 2016. As a result, we regretfully inform you that your season ticket license will not be renewed.

Thank you again for your support of the Denver Broncos.


Denver Broncos Football Club

broncos season tix 10pkg tr678678ansfer Mistreated?: Some Broncos Season Ticket Holders Lose License To Renew

(credit: CBS)

The club encourages affected account holders with any questions to direct inquiries to the Broncos’ ticket office at or (720) 258-3000.

According to Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth, the decision was made to reward loyal season ticket holders and fans on a season ticket waiting list of nearly 75,000 people. Tickets not renewed will first be used to offer upgrades to other current season ticket holders, and then, potentially to move people off that waiting list.

Lauren DiSpirito reports for CBS4 News at 10 p.m. She covers breaking news and feature stories along Colorado’s Front Range. Follow her on Twitter @CBS4Lauren. Share your story ideas with her here.

Comments (3)
  1. Michael Corn says:

    Our tax money goes to support a multi-billion dollar industry that only holds 8 events a year, most years. 31 Billionaires get tax paid stadiums now costing a Trillion Dollars. Now we have a Congress and president that cannot afford school lunches?

  2. Natives of Colorado should have points to push them higher in the wait list. I got season tickets through my friend for years. Was in his family since 1969. He passed away. I lost my seat and now will have to wait 50 years to get seats. I am a native of Denver and people that are not fans of the Broncos have priority over me. That’s not fair. I spent thousands over the years and was unable to get the seats after my friends passing.

  3. I think this is excellent it’s unfair for families to get decent prices for tickets because season ticket holders are buying season tickets as part of an Income not a Bronco fan but I respect the decision

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