DENVER (CBS4) – A blind man was reunited with his dog thanks to Denver firefighters after an unfortunate incident that occurred Saturday morning.

According to CBS4 viewer Steve Kady, a woman named Eileen Powell walks a dog named Bobby for a friend who is blind. She apparently fell and was injured.

When authorities responded to the intersection of Eudora and Mexico, they said Bobby was lying beside Powell, protecting her.

Powell was transported to the hospital with injuries not considered to be life-threatening.

Firefighters were able to return Bobby to its 85-year-old owner, Charlie.

  1. Liza Boggs says:

    So glad this had a happy ending. Bobby and Charlie are my neighbors. When the fire department found Bobby, she was sitting right next to Eileen’s head after she fell unconscious. Bobby then rode in the fire truck to be brought home to Charlie. Everyone is safe and happy. Thank you!

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