By Jamie Leary

BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A Good Samaritan is being called a hero for finding a 3-month-old child in an alley.

The baby was placed in an alley in Denver after it was inside a truck that was allegedly stolen while it was running in the parking lot at a Smoker’s Friendly store at 1583 Bridge Street in Brighton.

investigation 2 Man Called Hero After Finding Baby In Alley

Nasario Arellano (credit: CBS)

Nasario Arellano was taking out his trash and saw the child, who was still strapped to his car seat.

“I was walking to the trash can out in the alley and he was out there in a carrier,” said Arellano.

He immediately called police.

“I brought the baby in and called the police, and that’s about the end of it, really,” said Arellano.

“He was happy and just fussy. He needed a diaper change, and nobody had diapers around here.”

The suspected thief remains at large in the case. The red Ford F-150 truck that the baby was in was found in a Lakewood neighborhood overnight.

Arellano said he couldn’t believe anyone would just leave a child like that.

“Any movement and he could’ve been hit by a car. I guess I was out there at the right time,” he said.

investigation 1 Man Called Hero After Finding Baby In Alley

(credit: CBS)

Police delivered the baby back to its parents, who had been inside the store when the truck theft took place.


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