PARIS (CBS4) – A zoo in France says that poachers broke in overnight and killed a rhino to steal one of its horns.

“Criminals entered the Domaine de Thoiry despite the security measures put in place and killed one of the three white rhinoceros to seize one of his horns,” the Thoiry Zoological Park posted to Facebook.

Apparently the criminals entered the park by forcing open the gates, then proceeded to the rhino building where they forced open a door series of doors.

“This gave them access to the animal lodges,” the zoo said. “They then killed Vince, a young 4-year-old male, to cut off one of his horns, probably with the chainsaw.”

Vince was found by his caretaker Tuesday morning.

CBS News reports that a rhino horn can be sold for up to 40,000 Euros on the black market.

Despite surveillance cameras, and five staff members living on site, the criminals were still able to get in.

Thankfully the two other white rhinos, Gracie, 37, and Bruno, 5, escaped unharmed and remain safe.

  1. And the stupid left wants to bring more of these people here to the USA. I was wondering when the zoos were going to start to be attacked since muslims hate animals and see them only for profit and to be worked. They slaughter and torture dogs all over the middle east and it is a “sin” to own one as a pet. Warped.

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