DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Water is teaming up with federal and state forest services to take care of water sheds and keep drinking water clean.

That means logging dead trees in some of the areas around Denver Water reservoirs.

(credit: Denver Water)

(credit: Denver Water)

The company says it’s about health forests and clean water.

“The purpose of these treatments is not simply to plant trees and create a more forested area, but it is to create a more resilient ecosystem so that when fires do occur, they’re not occurring at the catastrophic level that will significantly impact our facilities,” said Denver Water CEO Jim Lochhead.

(credit: Denver Water)

(credit: Denver Water)

The agencies started working together in 2010 after some wildfires broke out including the Hayman Fire which caused significant damage to the water system.

(credit: Denver Water)

(credit: Denver Water)


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