COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Two black men who were stopped and searched during a traffic stop in Colorado Springs last year are suing the city and the police officers involved.

Brothers Ryan and Benjamin Brown filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Denver federal court claiming that they were targeted by police because they are young African-American men.

The Gazette reports that the city declined to comment because it hadn’t received a copy of the suit.

A video taken by Ryan Brown drew attention to the March 2015 stop. It shows Benjamin Brown being patted down and ends with an officer pulling Ryan Brown out with another’s help.

A police investigation cleared the officers of wrongdoing. Benjamin Brown pleaded guilty to a minor traffic charge but an obstruction charge against his brother was dropped.

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  1. Carl says:

    I also was profiled by police. Was pulled over on i-70 because “you were suspiciously obeying the speed limit”. My car was searched for ‘contraband and child pornography’. Nothing was found and I continued to my destination. This profiling must stop. p.s. I am a middle aged white man driving a typical suburbs Volvo. I believe that on that day, they were filling a quota for each race.

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