PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Libertarian Party nominee for president Gary Johnson stopped in Colorado on Monday as part of his campaign to raise awareness about third parties.

Gary Johnson (credit: CBS)

Gary Johnson (credit: CBS)

Johnson is making stops at college campuses in 40 different states as part of the campaign.

Gary Johnson (credit: CBS)

Gary Johnson (credit: CBS)

He spoke Monday night at the campus of CU South Denver in Parker, saying the United States’ two party system has run its course.

He also spoke on the topic of legalization of marijuana.

“Denver is the most vibrant big city in the United States,” he said. “I think legalization of marijuana has something to do with it. Not because people are high, but because there’s this underlying notion that Colorado is about freedom,” Johnson said.

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  1. Suibne Geilt says:

    this is some funny sxht here kids……dopes on dope…..double trouble; Meanwhile:
    …. americans have been fed the mythical version of paranoid delusions and conspiracies for so long they laugh at the real thing right under their noses…..they are looking at fakes and liars who commit crimes right in front of them and they turn the other way. For the first time in history, Americans will choose between a Criminal and a legitimate candidate. she is a liar, a traitor, a criminal, an accessory to murder, an enabler of her husband’s continued abuse of women and now, one of the walking dead. If you vote for her you are as bad as she is. This election will determine the moral, spiritual, psychological, and emotional fate of our country..
    let history show that no matter what real people thought or feared or became angry about, it didn’t matter because the Information Midas, with his cronies, simply erased them.

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