By Melissa Garcia

SEYCHELLES (CBS4)– Police are investigating the untimely and mysterious deaths of two sisters, one from Denver, who were found dead inside their hotel room while vacationing abroad in Seychelles.

The tropical island lies in the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles off East Africa.

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

One of the deceased sisters, Ann “Annie” Korkki, 37, lived in Denver.

The other sister, Robin Korkki, 42, reportedly lived in Chicago.

Family members said that their deaths were so sudden and tragic that they didn’t feel real.

Chris Korkki, the women’s brother who lives in Minnesota, said that Annie had just moved to Denver in 2015 and had started working for JP Morgan Chase. Annie’s social media profiles show that she worked for the company as an executive administrative assistant.

Chris said that his sisters were kind, generous, and lived life to the fullest.

Chase officials said that their thoughts were with the Korkki family.

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

The Korkki sisters (credit: Facebook)

Unopened mail was piling up outside of Annie’s apartment in Denver when she did not return home from her vacation.

The two sisters had spent a week vacationing at a nearly $2,000 per night luxury resort when they both were found dead.

According to an article in the Seychelles Nation, local authorities were awaiting the results of autopsies to determine causes of death.

The article stated that prior to police finding the women deceased, the sisters had been drinking throughout the day. Officers found them unresponsive on the same bed, and said that a preliminary examination of their bodies found no sign of violence or aggression.

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Authorities confiscated certain medications, and the investigation was ongoing, according to the Seychelles Nation.

Kyle Grogan, Annie’s next-door neighbor said that he had met her only briefly in passing.

“Pretty nice, I mean, really relaxed. We just moved in last month, so I didn’t really get to know them well, but that’s unbelievable to hear,” Grogan said of the sisters’ deaths.

CBS4’s Melissa Garcia contacted the US State Department. An official said that the agency was assisting the Korkki family in the immediate aftermath of the deaths overseas.

Police in Seychelles can request assistance from US Law enforcement, but it was unclear if that step had been taken. An email requesting information from local law enforcement had not been answered as of Thursday afternoon.

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Annie Korkki (credit: Facebook)

Chris Korkki said that his brother and mother were in Seychelles making arrangements to bring the sisters’ bodies back home, with the help of the US Consulate.

Melissa Garcia has been reporting for CBS4 News since March 2014. Find her bio here, follow her on Twitter @MelissaGarciaTV, or send your story idea to

Comments (7)
  1. K says:

    So you went trolling through their Facebook account after they died and before their families could gain control of the accounts? Really creepy CBS

  2. CJ says:

    Don’t believe ANYTHING the police there tell you. All they care about is covering up the blame and never admitting there is danger so that tourists keep coming. They have already started blaming the victims.

  3. This is really a tragedy. I take issue with their family setting up a go fund me page to have their remains sent home. These women are said to be be world travelers and were staying in a $1,700 per night resort. They have financial resources.

  4. ONLYlove11 says:

    The Seychelles is a very safe place. Prince William and Kate had their honeymoon there.

    If you read some of the other accounts, after drinking all day, “the two sisters required assistance in getting back to their rooms.” If you mix lots of alcohol with medications and/or other recreational substances, the results can be lethal.

  5. If you own a villa in Seychelles, they were especially generous…to the tune of $2,000 a night.

  6. L. Pazzaglia says:

    Why isn’t anyone wondering how an executive assistant can afford a $2,000/night hotel? I am!

  7. MSW says:

    There have been several of these types of deaths. Naval Military etc out having a good time, found dead victims always blamed by authority to protect tourism industry. Drugs always involved can’t believe all those victims were responsible for their own deaths…!!

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