DENVER (CBS4) – Over 500 days ago, a fan questioned John Elway drafting Trevor Siemian.

The day after the Broncos win in Cincinnati, where Siemian threw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns, sees that fan apologizing… and trending.

The Broncos drafted the Northwestern quarterback in the seventh round of the 2015 NFL Draft, and it was obvious Elway was pretty happy with the selection.

“7th rd pick Trevor Siemian had a productive career as a quarterback at Northwestern,” Elway tweeted. “He has raw talent and we think he will develop nicely.”

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Not everyone agreed, though, most namely @nfkrauss on Twitter, who tweeted Elway his thoughts.

“So many other needs, In John we trust @Broncos but this seems like a huge reach.”

After Siemian’s monster game against the Bengals, 511 days later, Elway remembered with a tweet that his since lit up Twitter.

It appears Elway has since deleted the tweet, but screen shots like this are all over Twitter, with @nfkrauss tweeting out his sincerest apologies.

“Get called out by @johnelway and now I think I may be trending how does that happen #GoBroncos #ImSorry,” @nfkrauss tweeted.

About the only hashtag he forgot there, apologizing to the man who’s brought three Super Bowls to Denver, was #InJohnWeTrust.


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