ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4)– A young bull moose was wandering around Arvada on Thursday morning before wildlife officials tranquilized the animal to move him back into the woods.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers were called to the moose sighting near the Aspen Mortuary near Ralston Road and Simms Street in Arvada just before 10 a.m.

The animal had apparently trotted through the streets and business parking lots in town before he eventually ended up trapped inside a fenced in area that belongs to Xcel Energy.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

When they arrived, wildlife officers tranquilized the bull so he could be relocated to the Pike National Forest before he caused any trouble.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

During his trot about town the moose briefly passed through the property of and Phyllis Moss and her husband Dennis.

“Here’s this moose, and I kind of did a double take, like ‘What?'” Phyllis said.

She told Dennis “There’s a moose in the back yard.”

“I go ‘Yeah, right, Yeah sure there’s a moose back there.’ So I finally got up, I looked and there it was,” said Dennis.

(credit: Dennis Moss)

(credit: Dennis Moss)

“A coyote I’ve seen, foxes, raccoons, but never a moose,” Phyllis said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager Jordan Likes said a moose so deep into the Denver metro area is unusual.

“We believe this bull moose was about 3 to 4 years old and 800 to 1,000 pounds,” he said.

Moose populations and the areas where they are found in Colorado continues to expand. Wildlife managers say since they don’t have any fear of humans it’s a good idea to keep a good distance from the animals.

A moose was also spotted earlier this week running through an apartment complex in Breckenridge.

  1. Dennis Moss says:

    Photo credit is actually Dennis Moss not Moore

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