DENVER (CBS4)– Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s daughter campaigned in Colorado on Thursday and talked about issues important to women voters, especially.

In Colorado, more women are registered to vote than men and they vote in greater numbers.

Ivanka Trump courted that vote at a breakfast hosted by the Colorado Women’s Alliance which includes many female business owners.

Ivanka Trump at the Colorado Women's Alliance (credit: CBS)

Ivanka Trump at the Colorado Women’s Alliance (credit: CBS)

Ivanka is a business owner herself and she talked about the challenges of running a business and raising three kids all under the age of five. She also joked about her house is more complicated and chaotic than a presidential campaign.

She also maintains that women’s issues are the same issues everyone cares about: jobs, security, education, she also noted that wage disparity is one of the biggest challenges. Ivanka said it’s especially a big challenge for moms who are paid less than single women.

CBS4's Shaun Boyd interviews Ivanka Trump (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Shaun Boyd interviews Ivanka Trump (credit: CBS)

She insisted that working women is an outdated term and that nobody says working men.

Ivanka also talked about her father’s policies, saying they value women who raise kids the same as those who run companies.

Ivanka Trump (credit: CBS)

Ivanka Trump (credit: CBS)

“Under his policy proposals, stay-at-home mothers and stay-at-home fathers can open dependent care savings accounts for their children and anyone doing the care at home can get the same tax benefits in terms of an income tax reduction or an expansion of the existing earned-income tax credit should they not pay taxes, for the work that they are doing in their home. Because it’s high time we recognize that value of stay-at-home parents and their contribution to society,” said Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump at Liberty Common Charter School in Fort Collins (credit: CBS)

Ivanka Trump at Liberty Common Charter School in Fort Collins (credit: CBS)

She also visited Liberty Common Charter School in Fort Collins where she talked about her dad’s plan to expand school choice, which she believes benefits lower-income children in inner cities.

Other representatives of Trump’s campaign made appearances in Colorado on Thursday including Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence who was scheduled to appear at a town hall meeting in Colorado Springs and Donald Trump Jr. set to visit Grand Junction.

  1. Guy V says:

    what a class act….versus the hate filled Obama’s and Clinton’s

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