Apology Issued After Officers Raid Wrong Home

CLIFTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Mesa County are issuing an apology after officers raided the wrong home.

The incident happened on Tuesday at Coronado Court in the town of Clifton in Mesa County.

map Apology Issued After Officers Raid Wrong Home

Police said they thought they were targeting a methamphetamine operation and instead forcefully entered a couple’s condo with five children inside.

Mesa County and Grand Junction SWAT members surrounded the condo and broke down the front door and destroyed windows as they breached the house.

A person who previously lived at the address was apparently the suspect officers were looking to arrest.

“We got some pretty detailed information from (an) informant,” police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said, according to the Associated Press. “The name we were given was associated with the address. It just wasn’t current.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy, and no one wants to make a mistake like that,” Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper said.

A neighbor told CBS4 they can’t believe the mistake was made.

“You want to know why some people don’t like cops? Because they don’t get their facts straight all the time. They assume that certain things are that are true and then they go for it and it bites them in the butt,” said Chelsea Caudill.

The residents of the condo told CBS4 they are in shock over what happened, but they are happy the sheriff’s office is replacing all of the broken windows and front door. The office also says they will pay to put in new carpet because of broken glass that remains on the carpet from the raid.


One Comment

  1. Aleric says:

    It happened, get over it, people make mistakes, always have always will.

    1. Ledfether says:

      Yea, until they blast through your front door, shoot your barking dog and toss a flash grenade in front of your children.

      What a calloused person you are. Someday it will catch up to you.

      1. Tom N. says:

        that is because Aleric is not a Christian, more like a Visigoth!!!!

      2. Sharpshooter says:

        Hopefully sooner, rather than later, and maybe he’ll be another Donald Scott


      3. Carson says:

        Don’t law enforcement officials still swear oath to law of Constitution?

        FYI “Officers of the Law”:
        There is still no Amendment to Constitution (like we had 18th Amendment for alcohol) making ANY drug illegal. According to US law (Constitution), NO drugs are illegal, because Government does not have power to make drugs illegal. If it’s not true, why did Government create 18th Amendment to make alcohol illegal? Supreme court has already ruled any law written which contradicts Constitution is “null and void.” – Marbury v Madison. Enforcement of drugs laws is illegal behaviour committed by you, the police and sheriffs who ignore Constitution. We live in a police state BECAUSE of lawless company town police, and Smokey-and-the-Bandit sheriffs.

    2. Are you really that limited in foresight? Had the homeowner mistook the police for home invasion criminals someone could have been killed. There is no excuse for police to get the wrong address when processing such a serious matter. Your knee-jerk comment was lame.

      1. Bubba Andies says:

        AND if you protect yourself during a “NO KNOCK RAID” and kill a few, and you survive, you will go to JAIL. Per this POLICE STATE you have no right to EVER shoot a cop or at one!
        Cards are stacked against you!

      2. WaffenSS says:

        I see the ghetto jack pot

      3. stockingfoot says:

        Read the article. They had the right address. The wrong people now live there..

      4. David Robson says:

        @stockingfoot Uh, no. If the person they wanted didn’t live there, they had the wrong address. The RIGHT address would be the address where the wanted person lives.

    3. galzu says:

      you can not be serious !!
      this is not a ‘little mistake’ – simple observation should have raised red flags.
      when deadly force is involved everything should be double and triple checked…
      this is lazy police work ..

      1. Alan says:

        This is the critical point: observation before going in. Just makes sense, as an LEO, that you’d want to do a raid when your suspect is home – so observation should be standard operating procedure, not the exception. Don’t know whether to consider it laziness or impatience (probably both) when they don’t.

        Glad that, at least this time, they owned up to their mistake and paid for damages – although they should probably also pay for counseling for the kids, to reduce nightmares from violation of trust.

    4. Batson D. Belfrey says:

      What? “Get over it”? Are you insane? This wasn’t a matter of the waiter forgetting to refill my soda or the chef overcooking my steak, this was life-threatening, property damaging and a potentially catastrophic error that cannot simply be “gotten over”. There are consequences to mistakes that need to be addressed.

    5. JohnD says:

      You are an idiot. So cops need to go to jail.

    6. Diane Dina says:

      Aleric, I’ll pray that you have no loved ones to protect.

    7. I’m sure I am not alone in wishing you ill.

    8. Jason A says:

      hey buddy your a dic

    9. Abilene says:

      Good thing they didn’t have a dog. Cops would have shot it, just for being there.

    10. John miller says:

      Is that the way it works when someone dies as well? If you are worried about him destroying his stash by flushing it, then they will likely be handled by the dealer… you got the drugs off the street. Win win…

      1. Sharpshooter says:

        What drugs are YOU on?

    11. MediaMike says:

      Terranomaly did a great song about this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gkiaKiRbDmA

    12. Joe says:

      Yes it happened, the war on drugs failed again and they have caused damage to this family. Replacing all the stuff the police broke isnt good enought. Time to Pay up. The state doesnt have any problem charging money for victimless crimes that were made by mistake. This is the reverse, show them the money.

    13. tymwltl says:

      You have officially labeled yourself as an idiot and a fool. One and the same.

    14. Rik Mik says:

      Yeah, right… and if it happened to you you’d just go “no sweat, accident’s happen”… BS. Doors being kicked in, windows being smashed, guns being pointed at you while you’re told to eat the floor, yep, just no big deal. You’re a moron.

    15. Dennis says:

      And then they pay the consequences.

    16. Chris Long says:

      Yeah – until it happens to your sorry butt.

      Sue those cops !

    17. And if someone moved wrong and got shot dead, because they didn’t do their due diligence, just move on as well.
      What about a stakeout, take a few days to confirm their suspicions before blasting their way in.

    18. Friedrich says:

      This is no longer a mistake. The local police committed the crime of breaking and entering and should be prosecuted. A search warrant is to be used as legal permission to enter and search. It is not a permit to break in and destroy property. Under the Constitutions Bill of Rights the common citizen has the right to have defended his property and person with force — In Texas recently, a citizen who shot a Law enforcement officer (who entered a home by force without permission) was set free by a jury!

    19. Andrew Gulak says:

      Here’s hoping it happens to you, and with much more disastrous results cop sucker.

    20. Dan Martin says:

      People can get killed with police raid places. No one should be able to point guns at people, break into their places of residence, threaten children and adults, and violate others’ civil rights with impunity. Why aren’t these officers charged with child endangerment, for example? Outrageous that they wouldn’t check out the currency of the detailed information they were given! Didn’t they check with utilities to see who was paying the bills at that location? Do they really accept whatever an informant says? Come on!!!

    21. You say that now. If it was your place, you’d be whining like a rat eating onion

      1. Thomas says:

        “you’d be whining like a rat eating [an] onion”

        Fair warning: I am so stealing this awesome phrase. 🙂

    22. John says:

      Mistake was made yes, avoidable once again yes. All the police had to do was check with any of the utility companies to find out the current tenants. If that would have happened at my home being a combat vet there would have been a few dead cops even if they were wearing body armor. They don’t make armor for the face yet. There have been to many incidents like this, CI’s are important in Law enforcement but you can not go and do this on the word of one especially since most CI’s are crooks looking to make a deal.

    23. Jim Dean says:

      How in the world do you consider this okay? The fact that their investigative process allows this kind of response with only the word of a sketchy informant should scare the hell out of everyone who lives there. No way they should have gone in like that without at a minimum a recent buy by an actual u/c officer, or at least some significant long term surveillance.

      If they’d watched the place for one flipping day they would have seen that there’s five kids living there.

      Hopefully the cost of this lawsuit (believe me, the lawyers are already calling the residents and waving dollar signs) will prompt a revision of their procedure.

  2. Brent Edward says:

    This innocent family has lived in the home for 11 months! Even the slightest bit of investigating should have been enough for these idiots to realize they were targeting an innocent family. I hope they sue the hell out of the sheriff’s department for this stupidity.

    1. William Love says:

      just the least bit of investigating……
      I know other people this has happened to, the judge that signed the warrent should be jailed.

  3. gorbud says:

    Rank amateurs. Informants information usually must be independently checked and verified. What Judge in his right mind signs a search warrant based on some low lifes’ word. Just watching the location for a day or so and you would see children coming and going. The occupants would not fit the description of the people the informant had dealt with. Also sounds like old information that needed some updating. Just ask the postman the names of the occupants and you might get a clue. He might even tall you they just moved in to location. Get off your fat butts and do some actual work.

    This all out assault violates almost every good investigative method used by a responsible PD. Apologize?? They need to attend a training course or two before being allowed back in the street.

  4. Ken Smith says:

    Just lucky no one died. How many years have passed since the police would knock on your door, instead of breaking it down, to serve a search warrant ?

  5. Ledfether says:

    Whoever decided to raid a home with info from a single informant without doing ACTUAL police work by surveillance prior to the raid should be fired and barred from ever working in a police department again.

    It is well known that people not only give old or false information when they are interrogated by police…anything to get off easier on their own charge; but it is also well known that if a person or neighbor has a problem with or argument with someone, its not unheard of that they give “false witness” (read the Bible for the scourge of these people) to police so they can sit and watch as the cops terrorize that household, often shooting the dogs and terrifying the children.

    This is why cops get a bad name. They dont do actual police work anymore. Detectives used to watch a house for activity before raiding. And anyone with half a brain cell knows its better to arrest the perp outside the domicile as they leave or enter. Cops go blasting in to a domicile like that and they run the risk of running in to a hell-storm of high powered bullets most vests wont stop. A real criminal operation could likely have 24-7 alertness for a raid and be prepared for maximum violence. That’s why cops focus on small time operations…less chance to get hurt, meanwhile the kingpins roam with impunity.

    The practice of high force and shock raids is moronic, unconstitutional and especially heinous for the purpose or the War On Drugs. These cops could have been looking for missing children, you know, something ACTUALLY serious like Muslim Terrorist sleeper cells. Another meth lab is going to pop up down the street every time they bust one anyway as long as drugs are illegal.

    We had machine gun battles on the streets of this nation over alcohol until politicians got smart enough to end that prohibition. From Nixon on, we have had this insanity.

  6. Elisi Newell says:

    Now thanks to the cops, those 5 children are going to need counseling as well as the parents. How would you like your earliest childhood memories being cops acting like terrorist, due to informants? How many times have we seen the results of cops bribing people for information, true or not?

    These cops know they are now going to be sued for millions and they deserve to have to pay every dime. It is time we stop arming our cops like the military and make them go back to the days of carrying no guns. History has shown the majority aren’t competent enough to even own a gun. The majority will not take responsibility and are corrupt to the core. Look at out own Los Angeles cop Lee Baca that is going to prison for a long time. It serves him well and to think this man was such a big shot and had no sympathy for anyone, I would like to ask him in person today since he is so sick and wants sympathy, why should the people have any sympathy for a man who was only interested in protecting his own officers over doing their corruption? Hope he rots in prison.

    Hope the family sue for at least 7 million, 1 million for each person in the home, they deserve a payday after that. I would rather pay what is rightly due a citizen as opposed to build another bomb to go murder innocent people around the world like our government.

    People have no respect for police or government due to the corruption and forcing Americans into slave labor for corporations. It is an embarrassment to be an American that has the most DUMBED DOWN education system in the WORLD. Education is now only what government and corporate allow the board (that censors our kids schoolbooks) to let be in the books. Try to find out about the corruption of America and you will find that America has rewritten their history to hide the greed of government, military, and corporate greed.

    1. Mike says:

      The cops don’t care – a lawsuit defense, and its possible payment, come from the city’s funds. The city doesn’t care. The city funds come from the taxpayer. There will be a tax increase next year to make up for the police error. Change the laws so that the individual officer is liable for damages caused by his negligent behavior and the negligent behavior will drop radically.

  7. aubreyfarmer says:

    If you make a mistake like this what would happen to you? The cops are above the law. Isn’t it odd how the number of people getting killed by cops dropped off dramatically after the 13 cops got shot in Dallas, Texas. Could the two possibly be connected?

    1. Russ says:

      Fewer people shot by the cops? And how many MORE of the public being shot by criminals? All of a sudden the numbers of innocent people in Chicago being shot by criminals have gone from terrible to much worse. Is that an improvement?

  8. voiceofreasonoriginal says:

    The police are way too eager to kick down doors.

    And shoot dogs.

    if no one’s life is in danger, they have no business doing no-knock raids.

  9. The “Supervisor” in charge of this Assault Team should be reduced in rank and assigned a walking Beat out near the Airport……

  10. Justanaveragejoe says:

    Unfortunately this happens more often than you think. People have been murdered by cops who did not fully investigate whether the address is correct, whether the suspect still lives there, etc. Some years ago a much beloved eye doctor in the DC area was shot and killed by a SWAT team after he exited his house with hands up. It was a scandal. When asked why he was shot, the department had no answer. His crime? Running an illegal college betting pool. No cop paid for this crime. No wonder no one trusts them anymore.

    The cops who instigated this need to be fired as they obviously haven’t a clue of what they are doing.

  11. Spanky T Smackme says:

    Break down MY door in the dead of night and some ( if not all ) of them will be DOA.
    You want to serve a warrant, knock on my door during NORMAL hours and give me the warrant for inspection and verification of name and address. I do have the RIGHT to inspect the warrant BEFORE / AS it is served.
    There is NO REASON to break down doors , kill dogs, use flashbangs and humiliate the people who live there just for a misdemeanor or very LOW class feloney. Start with RESPECT of the citizens and their property and you will get respect in return, keep disrespecting and you will get a serious case of lead at every turn.

    1. First Last says:

      No you don’t. They don’t need to ask your permission to arrest you…whether you like it or not. Stop posing like you know something.

      1. Caine says:

        Arresting someone and issuing a search warrant are two entirely different things.

  12. First Last says:

    Whew!! The pantywaste, liberal cop haters are thick today! Why don’t you guys go have a doobie or two…you’ll calm down in a few and everything will be alright.

    1. De Leweye says:

      Incompetent, uncaring thug cops like this bunch make it vastly more difficult and dangerous for the decent cops who are left to do their jobs. It is in no one’s self-interest to pay for incompetence. Professional police work produces positive results, i.e., convictions that stand up. It has nothing to do with left or right, it is just a matter of getting our money’s worth.

  13. What’s the name of the judge who signed the warrant? Which officers swore an oath for that warrant? People serious about maintaining a Constitutional Republic would identify these people and discover how this raid got approved. In a free country, this would be CBS Denver’s job.

    1. Gbear says:

      Only if the officials are republicans.

  14. onemad says:

    Those people are lucky to be alive. There is no excuse for these kinds of mistakes. Shocking to hear that that the police apologized. All that are responsible should at a minimum be fired and barred from working with the public.

  15. Warren Bonesteel says:

    google: ‘police raids wrong house’

    These are not isolated incidents….and they often end in tragedy for the homeowners and occupants.

  16. Howard Nicholson says:

    They killed an innocent man out in Oregon with hands raised. The road block was also illegal in most states, as you have to provide enough warning so cars and trucks can stop. Then they shot the man in the back 3 times with hands raised by state troopers and fbi agents which is murder in the first degree. Now in Portland they trying 19 innocent ranchers and others in a kangaroo court and railroading them to 30 to 50 years in prison so the government can steal all the land. Then they can sell the resources to Red China and Russia as they have done and been published. This is truth and no one can deny it, although they lie who try and to justify themselves for their evil deeds.
    repent America before God gives forth HIS WRATH.

  17. FYI- People don’t like cops because they are THUGS and think it’s ok to break the law 99.99% of the time- What a Stupid comment to make Chelsea Caudill.

  18. Joy says:

    At least the sheriff is doing the right thing. In Chicago and Houston the police just ignore their victims using “sovereign immunity” and insurance companies do not cover damage from “police action”.

  19. Rikki Doxx says:

    One bad incident ruins the good stuff a hundred good things cops do.

  20. So no surveillance first? Just Jack boot thugs kicking in doors? SUE

  21. Johnny DOH says:

    Andy Griffith would have knocked on the door. These fat ass idiot cops dressed up as navy seals ARE NOT Navy seals and CAN NOT be trusted with the “no knock” power the supreme court has given them.

    1. Suing for money does not seem like a reasonable solution when tax payers will eventually have to pay that bill. At the very least two people must be fired from their employment. These swat police think that are soldiers in a war against a real enemy. Former soldiers with psychological deficiencies should not be police officers.

  22. Dino says:

    So you couldn’t just case the place and make the arrest when the individual left the home? This technique would have prevent what could have been a tragedy. I would have been grabbing my gun if I heard someone breaking my door down. This of course could have lead to the police or myself being shot.

  23. Richard says:

    More evidence the crooked, ridiculous war on drugs is nothing more than a war on the American people. It’s sickening.

  24. dave says:

    So, just any scuzzbag informant can tell the cops that address X is a drug house and they just decide, okay we’ll raid them tomorrow morning at 4 am. No need to send anyone out to recon or observe and find any real evidence of drug activity, we got a tip from an informant that he bought meth there 18 months ago. Yippy, we get to dress up like Seal team 6, bust down doors and windows, shoot any dogs that bark or move. Oh man, what a rush! I sure hope we get to take the M1117 the Army gave us!
    These oops, wrong house raids are not a rare occurrence. They rarely make the national news and more often than not the cops don’t apologize or repair the damage, they just leave.

  25. concerned citizen says:

    this has been happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY for 35 years. google: Donald Scott Millionaire Raid. the police are money-hungry FILTH who, together with their congressional SLIME have destroyed our bill of rights.

  26. WagTheDog says:

    The real reason people don’t like cops is that they are STUPID and yet they carry GUNS!

  27. I’m not sure but if memory serves, to get the no-knock warrant the cops had to SWEAR, under the penalty of perjury, that they saw certain activities going on. If they had done their due diligence it seems they would have discovered it was not a meth lab.
    Will any of them go to jail for perjury ?
    I doubt it.

  28. Jason Argon says:

    This is more about a bunch of individuals usurping their power looking for an adrenaline rush than about doing what is right and serving the public. The only time a SWAT team should EVER be used is when there is a verifiable threat to human life.

  29. PDM says:

    Swat teams are used far too often and unnecessarily threaten the lives of citizens and officers alike. Why could they not wait outside the condo to apprehend a suspect in much safer manner? Swat teams should be for terrorists and hostage situations.

  30. Stop Government Violence says:

    US government drone strikes are not much different. Thousands of victims. They are cowards. They willingly sacrifice innocent people to avoid injuring to themselves.

  31. Sophie Maele says:

    Most cops are good guys – smart, hard-working and honest. However, increasingly, the police are hiring concrete cowboys who can be dumb as a stump, out of control and who shoot first and ask questions later. This is a bad trend and the police departments must have their feet held to the fire when something like this happens. Who made the error? Why was it made? Can it be corrected? Should the responsible person be fired?

  32. Paul Hue says:

    If the city is going to pay to restore all the damage, I stand behind the cops for putting forth their best effort. The blame lies with the criminal who lived there previously.

  33. Bill W. says:

    I think the elephant in the room is “Why in the hell are the police using a Swat Team for a simple search warrant?” It’s become all to common to default to these heavy handed, military style tactics when its not even know if its necessary. Innocent people have been killed from these types of mistakes and it needs to stop. (re- Todd Blair- Utah, among many others)

  34. FRANK says:


  35. Chris McPhail says:

    Military Law Enforcement is an end of the Posse Comitatus Act. Posse Comitatus was a protection for We, The People that would prevent this. As the traitors in Washington continue to erode our Bill of Rights through fraudulent and illegal legislation these kinds of travesties will continue to occur. We need to restore the RULE OF LAW!

  36. Ladies and Gentlemen, your War on Drugs!!

  37. Bart Drennon says:

    Kudos to the sheriff for making it right. Other law enforcement, especially the feds would have shrugged and walked away.

  38. ronald says:

    Great research, there, coppers…..did anyone think of double-checking the info at ALL before believing the crooked informant?

  39. EJ says:

    “Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy, and no one wants to make a mistake like that,”

    Apparently not “extremely committed” enough to conduct even the most basic preliminary observational sweep of the target at any point in the prior 11 months which would have immediately exposed the fact the suspect didn’t live there.

  40. Greatgeezer says:

    If you want to know what TRUE terrorism looks like, here’s your answer.

  41. EJ says:

    The cops should also be aware of the fact that they might actually be legally prohibited from reimbursing the homeowners for the repairs under a very convoluted sovereign immunity argument. It’s a liability that typically needs to be authorized by a state legislature since they have absolute authority in determining when a government authority can admit fault and liability on behalf of the taxpayers.

    I really doubt anybody would actually try to enforce this in court, but the idea that it’s OK because the cops agreed to pay for it isn’t an excuse and can get law enforcement in trouble for a completely different reason.

  42. Ken Valley says:

    What’s the point of raiding for drugs, when the liberal Legislature has allowed Pot to be smoked everywhere in the State? Colorado will now be known as the Pot Head State! Sad to see, but cancerous liberals from MexiFornia move to other once-conservative States, they’ll bring their liberalism and failed socialism with them. Then, try to implement the same ole progressive garbage to further spread the liberal cancer. People have to stand up and stop voting for these lying liberal politicians. Colorado has not learned its lessons.

  43. Mitch says:

    Cops love their SWAT action. What ever happened to surveillance and waiting for your suspect to walk out the front door in the morning and arresting him. No its much more fun to dress up like the Navy Seals and go blasting in somewhere in the middle of the night where people (innocent or guilty) may shoot back. Why else spend all that money on paramilitary gear?

  44. Joe says:

    I’m a guy who supports cops. But seriously, what idiots.

  45. JBnID says:

    Fire the cops that wrote the warrant and disbar the judge that signed it.

  46. iambicpentamaster says:

    “Sorry about that, Chief.” ~ Maxwell Smart

  47. John says:

    “Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy,”
    LOL, what a stupid thing to say when caught right in the middle of an IN_ACCURATE raid!!!!!

  48. Jim Moore says:

    Wow, if they were coming in my house they would have been met with lead.

    1. Steve Hollar says:

      Yeah right. And you would have ended up dead. They make it very clear that they are the police. You just need to fully cooperate and let it sort itself out.

  49. Cyberats says:

    Let’s see cops have – informants, check, detectives, check, spy equipment, check, tapped phone lines, check, maps, check, access to USPS change of address, check,

  50. Steve Hollar says:

    Oh come on. This sort of thing happens. Nothing is perfect. No one got hurt and the damage is being paid for. Life goes on so move on.

  51. Gary says:

    They need to have their house tested for Meth residue

  52. jack says:

    Five kids and they didn’t want to be interviewed? Must have been illegal aliens.

  53. Eric B says:

    I’ve always been curious about this. You hear about home invasions where the criminals pretend to be the police. I home carry. What if someone kicks down my door and I shoot them? I know I haven’t done anything criminal so I am going to assume they are criminals and not cops.

    Scary to think abut the outcome.

  54. oink oink says:

    So why didn’t they stake out the house for a day or two then just nab the guy when he comes and goes? Cops love to create drama and danger when there isn’t any.

  55. Richard says:

    So sue, that is why there are lawyers in the world. They will pay damages and get it all fixed.

  56. konc2 says:

    Next time send in competent police officers instead of glorified meter maids dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

  57. John Smith says:

    So some criminal informant gives you information and without an investigation you bust into the house … just imagine if the owner decided to use his Constitutional right to protect himself with a firearm … he would be dead. Imagine if they had a dog …. he would be dead.

    Cops … act first, think later.

  58. joes8523 says:

    just outrageous, and i am a supporter of law enforcement and give them the benefit of the doubt in all cases, but this is outrageous. a little due diligence would have revealed the truth about this residence. and why do you need to bust in anyway? this is law enforcement run amok.

  59. Bill Williams says:

    “Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy, and no one wants to make a mistake like that,” Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper said.

    No, they are NOT.

  60. SamVaughn says:

    It is a Democrat run city, incompetence abounds in (D) run cities. Don’t blame the cops they go where they are pointed by the politicians who then throw them under the bus.

  61. I hope the police are also going to pick up the bill for extensive counseling for the entire family after that traumatic incident. Those children are going to be scarred for life otherwise…

  62. babydriver says:

    How do you spell ‘Police State’??

  63. Tar says:

    It is not enough to replace the physical things. Those kids will need a lifetime of therapy. And, leaving a family in shock is not acceptable. It costs a lot of money to pay for psychologists and psychiatric services. Millions of dollars I believe. Liberals need to pay up.

  64. bluesdoc70 says:

    Inexcusable. Period. Someone should lose their job over this. And the family should be paid a large amount in damages.

    The drug laws are used to operate a virtual police state.

  65. RC says:

    Soooooo wrong!!!! Should NEVER HAPPEN. Not in our modern world.
    Sounds like key-stone cops, clumsy, inept. Now this family of 5 will be psychologically mared for the rest of their lives. Who can trust the cops after this?? Nobody.

  66. Leo Yaus says:

    Huggy Bear was the informant

  67. Good for the police. This family is no doubt a bunch of white “racists” who deserve whatever they get. Right, comrades?

  68. Chris Long says:

    The cops didn’t even checked on who lived there now ! No wonder so many people hate cops.

  69. When Israel identifies a house used by terrorists and decides to bomb it, they:
    a) drop leaflets around the house to warn residents and neighbours of the upcoming raid;
    b) minutes before telephone all known numbers associated with the house to deliver the final warning;
    c) drop a dud “bomb” on the roof — as the final final warning to get out;
    d) drop a real bomb (or missile).

    And they are STILL criticized every time they do it for “irresponsible” actions “targeting” civilians. Maybe, US cops ought to learn a thing or two, huh?

  70. Greg says:

    These raids are conducted from military style tactics when in hostile fire zones. The purpose is to shock the dwellers into being off guard so the troops can secure the location. The use of flash grenades is part of the tactic. So, the question IS, why is the public allowing fire zone tactics in what should civilian methods. What is most troubling is in the theater of war there are rules of engagement that would NOT allow the methods used by police departments.

    I once heard an officer call into a radio show and he actually used the term “enemy” when speaking about a criminal.

  71. RedRed Robin says:

    Did these cops ever hear of the term “surveillance”?

  72. Duude says:

    Police do enough raids that its expected a few will be erroneous. But this one begs the question as to why while they weren’t certain of the occupancy yet went forward anyway? Sounds a bit sloppy.

  73. jjs says:

    Bar your doors and windows at night, fortify your door, make it impossible to kick down.

  74. OMEGA 2 says:


  75. HeWeiJin says:

    This is what happens when the police is militarized.

    Whatever happened to knocking on the door to serve a warrant? These SWAT teams were not formed to terrorize people. Even if it the suspects did still live there why not send a few officers to perform the search. Why do they all end up with doors and windows busted and flash bang grenades.

    This is how people get killed. Innocent people and police. And if a police officer gets killed in an instance like this how is it not justifiable? Self-defense or accidental? Police kill innocent people all the time when they misread a situation, why should they walk and the home owner be held to a higher standard?

    Rachet this stuff back.

  76. Al Krause says:

    “We got some pretty detailed information from (an) informant,” police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said, according to the Associated Press. “The name we were given was associated with the address. It just wasn’t current.

    Now here’s an idea – with almost everything being computerized these days, they should be able to check the online records (utility bills, etc.) before they send in the Gestapo.

    And since when did meth houses need this kind of breaching – especially if flash bangs are used is an explosive atmosphere. That and relying on “informants” who have their own agenda.

    It strikes me that part of the problem is that when all you have is a hammer (SWAT teams), everything looks like a nail.

  77. Vulcan1952 says:

    Informants are criminals who have not been indited. Informants have knowledge of criminal activity because they are involved in the same criminal activity. The taxpayers should not pay for repairs to the citizens home the officers should pay out of their on pocket (deducted from over-sized salary).

  78. wareagle says:

    Start holding cops to the same criminal liability consequences for such acts as you or I would be. This will not stop until they start getting fired or going to jail. This blanket cover up for wrongdoing is a disgrace.

  79. bardgd says:

    There is another problem that I see. The house was being used to make illegal drugs by the previous tenant. The cooking process for the drugs has permeated through out the house. While it is unfortunate that the house was raided at the wrong time. The family is now aware of the conditions of the house and should move out.

  80. chris Perrien says:

    Going in “full auto” and busting down doors on the out-dated words of some junky informant. No prior surveillance or just mere current address checking? This could easily have gotten people(police and innocent civilians) killed . All the police connect with this lazy and reckless action need to be FIRED. Simple as that , NO excuses for such lazy stupidity.

  81. David Banks says:

    Sure, people make mistakes but if you’re not a lying, stupid cop you will be held accountable for those mistakes. I like the one in Texas where they did something similar and the homeowner killed the first cop through the door with a rifle. They’re stupid, sloppy and downright disrespectful to the law an those they claim to “protect and serve.” This kind of thing happens all day, every day in this country. What if one of them was chopping vegetables in the kitchen with a knife in his or her hand? They would have been killed on the spot.

  82. RioSam2) says:

    That’s one way to get new carpeting…

  83. si patrick says:

    It is ridiculous that police would use this type of force on a suspected drug dealer . There were no hostages no ones life was in danger. When lives are at risk the cops huddle for hours on the perimeter instead charging in..but a drug deal?…They go full bore…disgusting!!!

  84. Not Chicken Little says:

    Well they said they were sorry. And they’re paying for the damages. Lucky they didn’t shoot a family pet, or the adults or the children.

    And after all their informant said the one they were looking for was there! They believed the informant, no questions asked!

    The police state is already here. They do what they damn well please and even if there is a lawsuit, the taxpayers pay, not the police and the individual officers involved.

  85. si patrick says:

    If this keeps up we will all be kneeling when the national anthem is being played.

  86. Mike0oSS says:

    This happens way too often…sometimes with innocent people getting killed. I’m sure there is a lawsuit deservedly being drawn up right now.

  87. Larry says:

    Cops seem incapable of making an arrest without first destroying property.

  88. Jakob Stagg says:

    Was this a SWATting event or an honest mistake? SWATters should be hung, drawn, quartered, and their offspring sterilized.

  89. Thomas says:

    We need judges to be more restrictive of these “no knock” warrants. They really need to be used in the very last resort.

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