GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – The city of Golden will ban smoking and electronic cigarettes in its touristy, pedestrian-heavy downtown starting Jan. 1.

The ban largely affects Washington Avenue between 10th and 14th streets and some other surrounding public spaces.

The city enacted to ordinance to make Golden a friendly destination and to help extinguish complaints that smokers disturb patio patrons at restaurants.

Violators could receive a $50 ticket.

“I think it’s great,” said Rick Moffett, who was visiting this weekend. “I don’t think people who smoke really care how their addiction affects other people.”

Dede Moffett added: “To have a nice meal be interrupted with a big giant puff of smoke, smells like an ashtray, leaves a negative impression on you.”

Even some smokers applauded the move.

“People should be respectful of that and be understanding that people don’t want their kids around cigarette smoke and people are trying to eat,” said Amber O’Neal, who works in Golden. “That’s just not real appealing, especially when you’re not a smoker yourself.”

Others, however, like Matthew Fisher, who was enjoying a beer at a bar Sunday night, said he might decide to stay home next time.

“When you start trampling on people’s rights like that, then, where are they going to go?” Fisher asked. “Stay at home all the time, I think, and it might hurt business.”


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