DENVER (CBS4)– A third of children with autism have difficulty speaking at the age of five even after years of early intervention. Researchers have discovered that iPads and tablets can help those children communicate.

Researchers at UCLA found that using the technology can help them develop skills they may be lacking.

Lance Almeida is one of those children. He said just about 10 words until he started using an iPad.

Lance was one of 60 children in the study all 5 to 8 years old. All received speech therapy and about half also used iPads.

Those children using tablets doubled the amount of words in their vocabulary.

In Lance’s case he has about 100 words and helps train therapists.

“I hope if we can help out one parent that’s out there, it’s worth it,” said Lance’s mother Mee Fung Almeida.

Researchers believe the tablets allow for a lot of practice and can help determine which words are a struggle for the kids.


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