DENVER (CBS4)– A judge has ruled that a vacation company deceived customers and must pay back $7 million in penalties and restitution.

Customers paid thousands of dollars to join “Sea to Ski Vacations” also known as “Traditions Travel” and “Vacation Junkies” under the guise they would get deep discounts on their vacations.

The vacation company’s owners include Andrew Wunder, Bethany Wunder, Christian Wunder and Stephen Wunder. The judge also prohibited them from owning, managing or operating travel-related businesses again because of their deceptive business practices.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office said the company’s deals were no better than any found on popular internet travel sites which makes the company’s claims fraudulent.

“Consumers complained that they were told membership in the travel club would entitle them to deep discounts on condos and cruises,” said Attorney General John Suthers. “Yet, after paying as much as $9,000 for a membership, the Sea to Ski ‘deals’ were no better than what the consumer could purchase on popular internet travel sites. We proved that the Wunders were operating a scam,” concluded Suthers.

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  1. cgr22blog says:

    Hey I’m not in support of anyone taking advantage of other people especially when greed was involved, but I wonder how taking something from somewhere else and selling it for a vastly increased markup is any different than buying a pencil at walmart for $2, then go across street to Target buy the same pencil for $20?

    So was the verbal guarantees or promises they made was what broke the law?

    I am not a fan of the free market system because I think it lends itself to greed and hurting others. Take Colorado for instance until what last year it was illegal for you to have rain barrels on your property to collect rain water, because the state deems any water to fall from the sky to belong to the state???????????????

    Even in major East Coast cities they’ve now outlawed owning a well to tap into underground water sources????????

    How long before they do that with the air??

  2. cgr22blog says:

    Oh by the way the Wunders attempted to open a business in Steamboat Springs, the paper ran an article on their background and the Wunders bolted town now residing in Boulder or Florida depending on your source of information.

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