CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – The ballots have been counted and Castle Rock voters have decided to allow firearms to be carried openly in town buildings and parks.

The unofficial total votes on the first question for no restrictions are Yes: 4737, No: 4586 and on the second question that all measures regarding open carry need to be voted on are Yes: 6610, No: 2679.

The votes still need to be certified but once the election results are ruled final the town manager imposed restrictions on open carry on town-owned properties will be rescinded. The election results also need to be approved by a judge which could come as early as Friday.

Because the votes are so close on the first question there may be a recount.

This month’s special election is the latest in a series of events regarding the controversial open carry measure.

Last January the town council voted to allow the open carry of firearms in town buildings and parks but not schools or courts. Residents who opposed the move forced an election on the issue.

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