DENVER (CBS4)– Pippin first hit Broadway in 1972 as a musical with a story about finding yourself.

People didn’t know what to make of the production but director Bob Fosse saw it as a disturbing journey while producers pushed the pop tones of the tremendous musical score.

Now Pippin returns, re-imagined, re-invented for the modern audience and explodes on stage.

Pippin (credit: CBS)

Pippin (credit: CBS)

The production kicks off a new national tour with a new company. It’s a Pippin for a new century.

“I think I’m really excited about the combination of the acrobatics and the dance, the Fosse dancing, some of which has been incredibly, perfectly created,” said Pippin music and lyrics Stephen Schwartz.

“Oh, yes, It’s more fun now because I’m older, I’ve done a lot of different things and this part of Charlemagne is a very, very entertaining, fun, mean, juicy role,” said Broadway’s original Pippin, John Rubenstein.

Daily rehearsals continue in New York City with the hope of combining the excitement of acrobatics with the dynamic power of a Bob Fosse-inspired Broadway musical.

Pippin is on stage at the Buell Theatre Sept. 6-20.



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