LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – A man wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend’s roommate in Littleton last week is now in custody and his mother said he was jealous and glad he was found.

Officers arrested Joshua Hoppe, 32, early Wednesday morning at an apartment near Quebec Street and Leetsdale Drive in Denver.

Joshua Hoppe (credit: Littleton Police)

Joshua Hoppe (credit: Littleton Police)

Police in Littleton believe Hoppe shot and killed James Barnes, 55, after the victim threatened Hoppe with a machete on Aug. 13. The shooting happened at approximately 8:05 p.m. in the 500 block of West Peakview Avenue near Broadway and East Arapahoe Road.

Hoppe will be in court Thursday morning in Arapahoe County. His mother told CBS4’s Jennifer Brice she’s thankful he was found. She said her son was struggling with the recent breakup with his long-term girlfriend and was jealous.

Hoppe had been on the run since last Wednesday when police found him at the Denver apartment. Neighbors say they’d seen him there in the past.

“Oh yeah, he wasn’t living here,” neighbor Chris Huisenga said. “He was just hiding out here then because I’ve only seen that guy maybe once before.”

Two women live in the apartment. One woman said she had no idea her friend was wanted for murder. Apparently her mother asked her if Hoppe could stay at her apartment for a few days because he needed a place to stay. Then police showed up.

“It was incident free and he was cooperative with us,” Cmdr. Trent Cooper with Littleton police said.

James Barnes (credit: CBS)

James Barnes (credit: CBS)

Donald and Maria Schenkeir, who live at the home where the shooting occurred, said Hoppe dated their daughter for about 10 years. Barnes was a good friend of the daughter and had moved into the house in May. Maria Schenkeir said Barnes came out of their house with a machete, threatening Hoppe, who was there helping their son move. She said Hoppe thought Barnes was now dating his ex-girlfriend.

“Since he moved in here in May, which I allowed him to, Josh kept threatening him, to kill him,” she said.

Hoppe’s mother told CBS4 that her son is jealous and loved his ex-girlfriend and thought he would be with her forever. She said since the two broke up a few months ago he had been depressed.


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