Democrats and Republicans have few things in common. One of their rare commonalities is that they both want to win.

But while they have that in common, how they approach this common goal is very different.

Two headlines this week showed me that Democrats are taking November seriously and not taking its majorities or incumbency for granted.

The first headline was from the Tuesday Denver Post which showed that Democrats and their 527’s have already purchased over 56% of the possible ad time on Denver media in the five weeks before the election. Republican ad buys are behind at 36% with unaffiliated or unknown groups making up the difference.

Owning over 56% of the political ads in the media is not to be taken lightly. Democrats understand that while both the U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial Democratic candidates are incumbents, the party is not taking the power of the incumbency for granted.

With the real power in Colorado belonging to unaffiliated voters, superior ad buys can make a real difference. It can also help with the Democrats’ strategy to beat Cory Gardner over the head with ads connecting him to the Personhood issue. A 20% ad buy advantage can make a serious difference by November 4th.

The second story that caught my attention was the return of Democratic Political Strategist, Michael Huttner to the Colorado political scene. Huttner spent the beginning of his political career here in Colorado, but success as the founder of Progress Now Colorado enabled him to expand his political consulting firm to Washington D.C. and New York.

Huttner has formed a 527 to get involved in the Governor’s race and is already throwing haymakers at the Bob Beauprez campaign. Huttner is not known for his subtlety. He’s aggressive, focused and relentless.

Democrats have brought in a professional bulldog from their bench to help John Hickenlooper secure a second term.

Huttner’s return to the scene is by no means any guarantee of a win, but it means that Democratic Party leaders are not content to sit back and coast. They see the challenge ahead of them and are willing to bring the big guns to the fight.

Republicans can see these moves as compliments and signs that Democrats are worried. However, state GOP strategists should spend very little time patting themselves on the back and feeling confident.

If your enemy shows you respect by bringing out the heavy artillery, it means they take you seriously and that they are about to drop some serious bombs on your head.

Republicans would be wise to heed these compliments carefully.

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