ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A high-speed chase ended in a crash Sunday morning north of the Denver metro area.

The suspect vehicle crashed at 73rd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard after deputies were able to end the high-speed chase that stretched for miles.

The scene Sunday morning (credit: CBS)

The scene Sunday morning (credit: CBS)

The pursuit began when the suspect crashed into an Adams County sheriff’s vehicle. That crash injured two deputies at 64th Avenue and Washington Street.

An Adams County deputy pulled the driver over for a routine traffic stop near that intersection shortly after 11 a.m. When a second deputy arrived to help, officers say the driver jumped back into her car and sped off after hitting the deputies. The chase lasted about 5 minutes.

“(She) was in and out of traffic, fish-tailing down the middle of the road, and I kept saying to my husband Gino, ‘(She’s) going to hit someone, (she’s) going to hit someone,’ ” witness Kathy Ruibal said.

Ruibal and her husband were driving on Sheridan when they saw the white suburban on their tail.

“We were driving home from lunch and chatting, and I look in the rear view mirror and I see this white vehicle coming really fast,” she said. “We knew that (she) wasn’t going to stop. It was a chase going on,” Gino Ruibal said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

She was able to dart aside just in time. A couple of miles away it was the driver of a tan sedan who took a fierce hit. The sedan ended up over an embankment 30 feet away.

“It’s horrible because I was in a horrible car accident like that and was out of school when I was young for a long time, so it just breaks your heart,” Kathy Ruibal said.

The scene Sunday morning (credit: CBS)

The scene Sunday morning (credit: CBS)

The two Adams County deputies pursuing the suburban were able to force the driver to a stop at 73rd and Sheridan in Westminster. The 32-year-old woman driving it was immediately arrested. Her name hasn’t been released.

“There is a number of traffic violations that she will be charged with,” Sgt. Paul Gregory with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said. “It’s still too early to tell what kind of criminal violations, if any, that she will be charged with.”

An officer on scene said the driver of the suburban had outstanding warrants.

The injuries sustained by the two deputies weren’t considered life-threatening. They were both released from the hospital Sunday afternoon.

The civilian driver of the sedan that was hit was rushed to an area hospital. Her condition is unknown.


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