GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (CBS4) – It’s Colorado’s biggest Powerball jackpot ever — $90 million — and it now belongs to a very lucky Colorado couple.

The winners came forward Wednesday afternoon in Grand Junction. They were really playing the odds, and in this situation, persistence really paid off.

The winning couple buys two tickets every week — one for Wednesday’s drawing, and one for Saturday’s. Apparently the couple isn’t stringent at checking the numbers because they didn’t know until Sunday morning.

“I’ve been waking up since Sunday thinking this isn’t real,” said Claude “Al” G., who didn’t want give his last name.

Until Wednesday all anyone knew was that the Kum & Go in North Rifle had pumped out a winner.

“‘There was a winning ticket in Rifle, Colorado.’ And she pulled out the tickets and found out it was us and said, ‘Oh my God, oh my God; Al, oh my God.’ And I was still sleeping,” Al said.

The winning ticket was a “quick pick.” The winning numbers have no significance to Al and his wife Jackie — expect now — $90 million.

“Still in shock, we’re both still not all there yet.”

One probable sign he’s not “all there” is Al says retirement is not in his future.

“Probably not; still going to need to do something to keep from going completely crazy.”

Al and Jackie live in Rifle and have two daughters. They’re thrilled with the jackpot. As for Al, he still doesn’t know what to think.

“Not really sure yet, still trying to find out what it’s going to mean.”

As for Al’s mother, “I’m thrilled to death that he won.”

Al and Jackie haven’t decided if they will take the lump sum or payments.

LINK: Colorado Lottery

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