CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Michael Gass is leaving United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin that he helped form in 2006.

The company announced Tuesday that president and CEO Gass is retiring Dec. 31. He has been replaced by Tory Bruno, a 30-year veteran in space and missile programs who most recently led Lockheed Martin’s Strategic and Missile Defense Systems.

Gass was a former Atlas program manager at Lockheed. The company said that under Gass’s leadership, ULA has sent into orbit 86 satellites that provide personal GPS, weather tracking as well some that have scientific and military applications.

ULA has 3,600 employees with assembly operations in Decatur, Alabama, and Harlingen, Texas, and launch operations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.


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