DENVER (CBS4) – For more than 50 years Colorado’s Lalmba Association has worked to help people in East Africa, specifically orphaned children. Now they’re inviting people to participate in a unique, multi-national walk to help the organization continue its life-saveing work.

(credit: Lalmba Association )

(credit: Lalmba Association )

The walk is called “Tembea na mimi,” which translates to “walk with me.”

Villagers in rural East Africa walk nearly everywhere — not for fun — but to fulfill basic needs such as gathering food and water, and trips to the market, school and hospital.

Tembea na mimi is a way to get healthy, raise money, and walk in solidarity with the people of Kenya and Ethiopia.

“It makes a huge difference, and there just such a great need,” Lalmba Association President Jeff James said. “The people are so poor economically, but they’re not poor in spirit. They just lack opportunity, they lack education, they lack the heath care; and as a result they suffer, their families suffer from it. We want to make a difference so that these communities can be healthier and have happier futures.”

To learn more about the walk, visit


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