CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – Habitat for Humanity in the Roaring Fork Valley has constructed one of its most energy-efficient — and expensive homes — ever.

A severe spinal cord injury he suffered in a mountain biking accident left Adam Lavender an incomplete quadriplegic. So the charity selected Lavender and his family for a home. He and his wife and their two daughters moved in this week.

The house features an elevator, a steam shower and a hoist that helps Lavender into his bed. He had trouble getting around his last home.

This home will cost nearly $500,000, but the family is being charged $150,000.

“The first morning, everyone woke up with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. There’s a huge sense of relief,” he told CBS4.

It’s in the process of being certified as LEED Platinum, which means it’s the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home as possible.

Adam Lavender (credit: CBS)

Adam Lavender (credit: CBS)

“We had to build a large home on a small footprint, which required an elevator to get him from his therapy room to his bedroom to his office,” Scott Gilbert of Habitat for Humanity said. “It’s the first residence on the Western Slope of Colorado with that level of efficiency.”

Lavender helped build the house as much as he could.

“That in and of itself was very empowering,” he said. “I really appreciate Habitat for letting me be a part of the process.”



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