WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – So much rain fell in a neighborhood in Windsor on Tuesday that residents were able to float around in a flooded field with canoes and inflatable tubes.

After about 45 intense minutes of rain and hail, authorities closed some flooded streets and about a dozen homeowners’ basements flooded.

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Seth Bell’s family tried to hide from the water, but they ended up finding the worst of it.

“They went downstairs because the rain and the hail was so loud and there was (a foot or two) of water in the window well. It was like you were under water,” Bell said.

(credit: CBS)

Water shoot out from under Lance Emore’s carpet. (credit: CBS)

Lance Emore’s carpet got soaked. He doesn’t know how bad the damage is yet, but he said it doesn’t look good.

“I think this is the second time the carpet has been wet, so I might have to get rid of that. And I just put the wood floor in about a month ago,” he said.

Like many who recovered from last fall’s flooding, Emore learned lessons. His valuables are stored in waterproof bins and his drying gear — including a shopvac — were already on hand.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I’m used to it, so I just stay in a good mood and deal with it,” he told CBS4.

The moisture wasn’t upsetting to some residents.


Corey Johnson-Neilsen floats in a flooded field near his Windsor home. (credit: CBS)

“It’s nice. It’s been so hot lately. It feels to good to get in the water and cool down,” said Corey Johnson-Neilsen. Johnson-Neilsen floated around in a flooded field next to his home with an alligator floaty.


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