LYONS, Colo. (CBS4) – Nowhere are they more sensitive about the heavy rains than in Boulder and Larimer counties where they saw massive flooding last fall. And with flash flood warnings posted across Colorado, people in Lyons pitched in to help homeowners prepare.

“We looked at the forecast saw that the fire station was giving away sand and bags and we got a little nervous,” Lyons resident Brent Marshall said.

Teen volunteers filling sandbags in Lyons (credit: CBS)

Teen volunteers filling sandbags in Lyons (credit: CBS)

Teens from the East Coast are spending part of their summer volunteering in Front Range towns hit hardest by last September’s flooding. On Tuesday some of those teens helped fill and stack sandbags in Lyons.

“It’s nothing glamorous, but … it’s like helping someone else, so it’s not that bad, it’s pretty fun,” said Liz Elder, a volunteer visiting from Fort Lauderdale.

As new flood risks arise, the devastation from past floods is not far from mind. While rainfall is not expected to be as severe as it was during September’s storms, conditions have changed.

“We don’t know where it’s going to flow, how it’s going to flow, because the river bed is so different than it was last year,” said Drew Gettel, a volunteer firefighter with the Lyons Fire Protection District. “It’s all down to rock bottom, and just so much loose sand and rocks.”

The sandbags are available for free at the main fire station in Lyons.

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