DENVER (CBS4) – Finally, the day Denver Broncos fans have been waiting for — the day they could watch their team take the field. They lined up outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High hours before the start of Sunday’s training camp.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

This year is a little different. Because of construction at Dove Valley fans aren’t able to watch training camp. That left both the players and fans looking forward to Sunday. There were cheers, fist-pumps and lots of smiling faces as fans were able to watch the Broncos practice for the first time of the season.

A cheering crowd met Broncos players entering the stadium as excited fans got up close to some of their favorite stars, and among a few – autographs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Broncos Practice At Sports Authority Field

Denver native and Navy Seabee Chris Rotd was one of the fans in attendance.

“Pretty good, I mean it’s kind of speechless, so to speak,” Rotd said. “This is my first time actually coming to a stadium event; born and raised here.”

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Back home now after his three deployments, Nancy Jaeger was filled with pride for her son.

“Oh, it was exciting to get him here,” she said. “And proud of the Broncos too.”

“I mean they’ve got the best quarterback, they’ve got the best defense,” Broncos fan Camden Bell said.

Fans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday (credit: CBS)

Fans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday (credit: CBS)

The start of this season has been hard for the Klopenstines, who are used to attending every practice.

“The fact that we haven’t been able to see them at all, and this is the first time this year; and obviously we’re going to have a good team,” Chris Klopenstine said.

On Sunday they packed the stands alongside thousands of others, hoping for a Super Bowl redemption.

“It was devastating. I mean, that took weeks to get over,” Klopenstine said. “But I think that’s why it’s even more important to be out here and show them that even though that did happen, that we’re still here.”

The Broncos will hold two additional training camp practices at Sports Authority Field before they hit the field for their first preseason game in less than two weeks. The next one is Wednesday at noon. Gates open at 10 a.m. There will also be a practice next Saturday at 10:45 a.m. Gates open at 8:45 a.m. Admission and parking are free, but all stadium rules are in effect.


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