DENVER (CBS4) – There are some changes to construction in Cherry Creek after complaints from drivers and businesses in the area.

Getting through the University and Josephine intersection can take up to 20 minutes sometimes, but now that construction will also take place on nights and weekends so the headache will be over a little earlier.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

These days, the staff at Antoine du Chez salon in cherry creek can count on one thing — nearly every guest will be running late.

“We have turned away clients because we can’t get them in. Just today we’ve probably turned away four or five,” Antoine Du Chez co-owner Christy Fitzpatrick said.

The delays are courtesy of the $15 million construction project. The new storm drainage system should reduce flooding, and street reconstruction will mean a smoother ride. But to some business owners the wait is simply a drain on their bottom line.

“It’s very frustrating because, of course, as you know, the bills don’t go away, the rent is not less expensive because we’re not able to get in the clients like we normally would be able to,” Fitzpatrick said.

Several businesses have closed since construction began. Nancy Kuhn with Denver Public Works says they recognize the hardship.

“We know this is an impactful project. We knew this was going to be. We’re just doing our best to get in and out of there,” Kuhn said.

A new noise variance should help. It expands the hours of construction to include 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sunday through Friday.

“We are going to see a lot of activity out there, a lot of progress in this project in the next few weeks,” Kuhn said. “After that we’re going to be able to shrink our footprint in this are and access is going to start opening up more.”

It should also shave two weeks off that part of the project. For Fitzpatrick, it can’t end soon enough.

“We’re very excited to get it over with,” she said.

That part of the project should be completed by the start of the holiday shopping season. Then down the road construction will resume to extend the drainage improvement to East 4th Avenue and St. Paul Street.


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