JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A country club employee dove into grasses to avoid being shot during the harrowing multi-vehicle carjacking on Interstate 70 on Wednesday.

The employee, who hasn’t been identified, works for the Mount Vernon Country Club in Golden.

Peter Clampitt, who manages the club, said that employee was driving one of the club’s pickup trucks, and he had opened one gate and left the truck to open another when the suspects stole the truck. The suspects, he said, put the truck in reverse and rammed through the close upper gate.

Later, that employee, joined by a second, found the suspects. Sullivan then fired a rifle at them, Clampitt said.

“The male perp got out of the vehicle, pointed a gun and said, ‘Get out of the car.’ (The employee) dove down into the grass to hide,” Clampitt said.

He said the employee was shaken but not injured.

(credit: CBS)

The fence damaged by the suspects (credit: CBS)

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Law enforcement says Chris Sullivan, 37, and a female juvenile led police on a two-hour chase along I-70 during which they carjacked at least three vehicles and brandished weapons, including a long rifle, along the highway to try to stop motorists. Sullivan was tackled on the highway by a sheriff’s deputy after failing to steal another car.

Christopher David Sullivan (credit: Jeffco Sheriff)

Christopher David Sullivan (credit: Jeffco Sheriff)

There were at least six separate crime scenes, police said.

A family friend who spoke to CBS4 said Sullivan been on the run from police to avoid warrants. He was hiding in Arizona, the friend said, and was trying to visit his mother in Colorado when he was pulled over by a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy.

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(credit: CBS)

A sheriff’s deputy wrestles Sullivan to the ground. (credit: CBS)


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