WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4)– Eleven teenager have been arrested in connection with a rash of vehicle break-ins over the past several weeks.

Police said the thieves were targeting vehicles in the Windsor area. Investigators said they didn’t have to do a lot of work, simply walked around, found unlocked cars and took whatever was valuable inside.

Police in Windsor recovered more than 80 items stolen from vehicles (credit: CBS)

Police in Windsor recovered more than 80 items stolen from vehicles (credit: CBS)

The thieves took everything and anything that was inside. Some of the 82 recovered items included a flask, skateboard, cell phone car chargers and tools. In some cases, they only thing they could find was a few dollars in change.

“They will go in to the car just to get $2 or $3,” said Windsor Police Sgt. Gerald Beers.

Eleven teenagers, mostly juveniles, were arrested. Ashton Gerjstad, 18, is the only adult among the group. They are facing charges of theft and trespassing.

Deputies said the group hit various neighborhoods throughout Windsor, not singling out any one particular area. But in every case the modus operandi was the same.

“Just walk down and start pulling the door handle, car opens up, they go through your car and then they move on to the next one,” said Beers.

“It just seems crazy, it seems like a big risk for little payout,” said Windsor resident Joy Turner.

Turner lives in one of the areas targeted and said while it’s concerning, the other family members in her home make her feel safe.

“We have little kids but we also have two corrections officers that live here in our house, so I think we feel okay,” said Turner.

Police are still trying to identify the owners of all the recovered stolen items. They said some people never reported the break-ins.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Windsor Police at (970)674-6400.


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