DENVER (CBS4) – After a year-long chase, a bounty hunter captured the suspected boss of an identity theft ring on Tuesday in a northwest Denver parking lot.

Selina Davison, 45, disappeared after posting bond in May 2013. She’s suspected of running a ring that bilked 65 victims out of thousands of dollars.

When the bounty hunter, William Ellenburg, cuffed her, he said she told him: “A gal’s gotta live.” He found her at 38th Avenue and Wolff Street wearing a wig. When she tried to escape, she backed into another car.

Ellenburg says he’s an identity theft victim, too, and collaring Davison is the best reward.

One victim, Johnny Ostermeier told CBS4 that the thieves used his name, address and birthday to pose as him.

Ellenburg said when he arrested Davison, he found two stolen IDs, one fake ID, three ID makers and more than 90 fake checks in her car.

Davison faces felony racketeering charges. Her alleged partner, Nathan Lees, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.


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