DENVER (CBS4) – A car thief is at large, and the driver of the pink Cadillac limousine she stole may face charges in the case.

The crime took place around midnight on July 5 at The 1up bar on Colfax Avenue.

Denver police say the driver of the stretch limo left the car running and unlocked and entered the bar.

Surveillance video captured buy the bar’s security cameras shows a woman walking past the car. She stops and then peeks through the Cadillac’s window. She then opens the passenger side door and rifles through some material inside. Then she looks around, walks to the driver’s side, enters the limo and drives off.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The limo driver came outside right when his vehicle was being driven away.

“He was there on business. He basically came out and saw it going westbound on Colfax,” Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Police found the limo three hours later in Idaho Springs but there was no sign of the thief.

The limo driver could face charges in the case because he violated the city’s puffer law, according to Jackson.

“Had that car not been running unattended, she would have walked on down the street,” Jackson said. “It was basically a crime of opportunity right there.”

Jackson said it’s a good reminder to never leave your car running unattended.

“Obviously there are people, even in the summer, who (will steal a car). It could be a summertime puffer,” he said.

Liz Heying lives in the neighborhood and said she parks her car on the roads.

“You need to keep your car locked here,” said Liz Heying.

Anyone who might know who the suspect shown in the surveillance video is asked to contact Denver police.


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