DENVER (CBS4)– Some marijuana edibles and edible mixes have been recalled because of contamination from unsanitary equipment.

The At Home Baked products being recalled include brownie mixes, blondie mixes, rice krispy treats and Stixx candy.

At Home Baked Brownie Mix (credit: CBS)

At Home Baked Brownie Mix (credit: CBS)

The Denver Department of Environmental Health is issuing a food safety recall to consumers and retailers for the products. The recall was issued because of one piece of equipment used in the manufacturing, a washing machine.

At Home Baked is manufactured by Advanced Medical Alternatives located at 1269 N. Elati Street.

The owner of the products said they use the purest THC extraction method to make their edibles. It’s called water hash and a common tool for the process is a washing machine.

“Our machine was a retro-fitted machine with food safe parts and had never been used for clothing, only for water hash and that’s why we thought it was acceptable,” said At Home Baked owner A.J. Hashman.

The washing machine used by At Home Baked (credit: CBS)

The washing machine used by At Home Baked (credit: CBS)

Hashman said only later is the drug added to food.

The Denver Department of Environmental Health said all equipment must be food-grade.

“There’s no way to be sure it’s thoroughly cleanable or to clean it adequately, no way to know what chemicals, makes it very difficult to assure a safe product,” said Denver Department of Environmental Health spokeswoman Danica Lee.

The health department recommends that all recalled products should be removed from retail shelves and destroyed per state medical and retail marijuana regulations.

“They’re considering us a restaurant, not a medical marijuana center anymore and that’s the most frustrating part about this,” said Hashman.

There have been no reports of illness. But the recall means every “At Home Baked” product in nearly 100 stores and in homes must be destroyed.

“It’s a very big effect on our business. It’s a recall to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars,” said Hashman.

The recall was issued as part of a food safety inspection. Public Health Inspection does not regulate THC content of edibles.

They admit this is an unusual new hurdle for the marijuana industry.

“This is certainly the first time that we’ve seen the marijuana-infused foods being manufactured in part with a domestic piece of laundry equipment,” said Lee.

At Home Baked has a new machine that they have approval to use until September. They are not sure what they will do beyond that but in the meantime, anyone who has their products can take them back to be replaced.

LINK: Denver Dept. Of Environmental Health Food Safety Inspections


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