DENVER (CBS4) – In the past week or so, we’ve certainly learned one thing about Rockies owner Dick Monfort: if you send him an email, he will respond.

And if it’s an especially critical email, he’ll invite you to breakfast. That’s what happened to Christine Voss, a longtime Rockies fan.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort

Rockies owner Dick Monfort gave the media a tour of the renovated Coors Field in April. (credit: CBS)

Voss delivered a scathing email basically telling Monfort he doesn’t know what he’s doing. So Monfort asked if she’d be interested in discussing her feelings about the team in person. She agreed to breakfast on Monday morning.

“It’s frustrating to not know what his method is behind what he’s doing,” Voss told CBS4 after the meeting. “That’s what I told him, is that I do want to see that, Rockies fans want to see that.”

Voss said she knows lots of people think Monfort should get rid of Dan O’Dowd, the Rockies general manager, but she says that wasn’t her message.

“Where I’m coming from is I’m a fan of the Rockies. I want them to win. I want you to succeed, but we need a little bit more from you,” she said.

Monfort didn’t promise any changes, but at least he listened.

It wasn’t the first time Monfort has invited a fan to discuss the team over a meal. Similar situations have happened a couple of times.


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