EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) – The Evergreen area was hit hard by Monday night’s storm with road damage and driveways washed out.

There was damage from the storm all along Brooke Drive. The storm closed one road and cut off some people’s access to their homes.

The Hill family's damaged driveway (credit: CBS)

The Hill family’s damaged driveway (credit: CBS)

“It looked like a warzone, coming out here at 4 a.m.,” homeowner Dustin Hill said.

A roughly 10-feet-wide gap now separates the Hill family’s property from Forest Estates Road.

“The floods last fall rose to edge of the embankment on this side but, no, nothing like this,” Hill said.

The road was closed to traffic after flooding washed out a large culvert and several others on nearby roads.

“(I’ve) been here 25 years, about every 10 years stuff happens like this,” homeowner Bob Bowen said.

Jefferson County crews estimate it may be up to a week before all repairs are finished.

“I had talked to the county because I was worried about this happening,” Hill said.

For the hill family there is one silver lining.

“Luckily we had an extra car on the outside,” Hill said.

But now they must wait for repairs while finding a way to continue daily life.

“This was a little brook before and over the last 2 years it’s become a creek,” Hill said.

Forest Estates Road was reopened Tuesday afternoon only to residents in the damaged area with one lane.


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