DENVER (CBS4) – A big marijuana bust on a highway in Oklahoma this week involved marijuana products purchased in Colorado.

Two Florida men were arrested after the items were found in their car. The items included marijuana-infused brownies, fruit juice, olive oil, butter and candies. The stash is about worth $250,000.

Drug agents say the products were headed to Florida with some of the merchandise came from Colorado and some from California. It’s all illegal in Oklahoma.

“Teenagers are going to love this stuff. They’re going to flock to some of these products because they could literally be eating these in class, in school, on the school bus, or in a movie theater, at home, and parents would have no clue,” Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said.

Agents arrested the two men who were pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Police say the men seemed nervous, and that’s when dogs sniffed out the marijuana.

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