DENVER (CBS4)– Republican candidate for Colorado governor, Bob Beauprez, is getting some unwanted attention for comments he made about income tax four years ago.

Beauprez was giving a speech at the Denver Rotary Club in 2010 when he made a comment about how many Americans don’t pay income tax.

Now that he’s running for Governor against incumbent John Hickenlooper, those comments are surfacing.

Bob Beauprez (credit: CBS)

Bob Beauprez (credit: CBS)

“Forty-seven percent of all Americans pay no federal income tax. I’m guessing that most of you in this room are not in that 47 percent. And God bless you. But what that tells me is we’ve got almost half of the population perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill,” said Beauprez on the video.”And most of that half is you all.”

According to the Denver Post, Beauprez’s campaign is standing by those comments. His campaign manager said it’s not controversial to want more people to prosper.

Beauprez’s remarks were similar to statements made in 2012 by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


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