Denver (CBS4) – Does the couple that gets high together get by together? A new dating website is seeking to answer that question by bringing together people who use marijuana. says it wants to match couples based on the ethos of the marijuana community.

Miguel A. Lozano, founder of the site, says that lifestyle is more important than race or religion or other divisions: “This site is full of people from all walks of life who seek to live and share a relaxed lifestyle and outlook on life.”

While most dating sites allow members to mark drug use as a deal-maker or breaker, my420mate says it wants its members not to worry about whether their marijuana use might cause a date to bolt for the door.

The site boasts that “(w)e take the uncertainty and awkwardness out of asking their date if they smoke pot.”

The people behind the site say they expect more states to follow the example set by Colorado and Washington state and legalize recreational marijuana use.

My420mate calls itself the Cupids of Cannabis and its motto reflects its goal of sparking up long-term romances: “Plant your seed and watch your love grow.”


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