DENVER (CBS4) – New video released Friday shows an alleged beating of an inmate inside the Denver Jail at the hands of deputies.

Jamal Hunter is the alleged victim. He’s at the center of a lawsuit suit filed against the City and County of Denver.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The alleged beating happened less than two weeks after Hunter says he was he was beaten and burned by other inmates at the jail while deputies looked the other way.

Hunter says in video released on Friday he was asking a deputy to call a nurse to look at his still healing wounds. According to an internal report from the jail, Hunter called the deputy “racist.” That’s when he was forced back into his cell, choked, and later had a stun gun used on him.

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

As part of the same suit from Hunter audio recordings were released from a conversation between police detectives and another inmate who was a part of the first attack. A federal judge requested an investigation into whether police tried to intimidate that witness.

This witness had some pretty damning things to say about the deputy who’s accused of turning a blind eye to the first assault. He claims the deputy was often drunk on the job at the jail, watched porn and brought in marijuana.

There was an interview between the witness, Amos Page, and Denver Police Department detectives as they questioned his motives to testify against the accused deputy.

Amos Page (credit: Denver Police)

Amos Page (credit: Denver Police)

Page was allegedly intimidated by Denver police to hold back testimony about the 2011 beating of Hunter. Hunter claims Deputy Gaynel Rumer allowed inmates to attack him and even encouraged it. Page is considered to be a key witness on Hunter’s behalf for his role in the beating.

In an interview with detectives, they tell Page his allegations of Rumer’s incompetence are hard to believe.

“What you wrote in here brought us, as the Denver police, a lot of heartache about what’s going on in the Denver Sheriff’s Department,” an investigator told Page.

“What is in there is true and accurate, and I mean I don’t mean to cause nobody no heartache, but it is what it is,” Page responded.

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

Jamal Hunter (credit: CBS)

Despite the role he played, Page says he wanted to come clean.

“I have a conscience. I did wrong. It shouldn’t have happened to nobody and I felt bad that it happened to him,” Page said. “And the reason for me coming out on Rumer is because he was in the wrong too. It’s his job to make sure everybody in that pod is safe.”

But the detectives question his motives and warn him that he could simply be implicating himself. It’s that statement that the federal judge in the case believes could be considered witness intimidation.

“If you say this or more than this on the federal stand, you’re subjecting yourself to a criminal, felony criminal charge for what happened to Jamal,” the investigator told Page.

Page was never charged for the assault and the district attorney’s office refused the case twice.


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