LARKSPUR, Colo. (CBS4) – The third and final missing German Shepherd police dog let loose from a kennel more than 10 days ago has been found.

The dog, Dux, was found in an abandoned house and has been returned to the kennel. Thirteen dogs were released intentionally, authorities believe, sometime on May 30 or 31. Ten were recovered nearly immediately.

The second dog, Alonso, was found on Thursday tied to a fence and near death. He was severely dehydrated and about 20 pounds underweight. The first dog was found June 2 near Palmer Lake — about 10 miles from where it went missing.

“You have no soul to just tie a dog out somewhere and just leave it,” the dogs’ trainer, Marie Pauciello, told CBS4 on Friday. She said Dux’s disappearance was “gut-wrenching.”

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which asked the public not to approach the dogs because they can behave aggressively, speculated someone may have released the dogs because they are valuable. The three missing animals were worth an estimated $100,000.

No arrests have been made.



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