DENVER (CBS4) – The city of Denver had earlier seized the properties and their contents from marijuana businesses that were raided by federal agents in late April. Now the state has taken over control.

The Swansea neighborhood was its own city until around 1900. It now has a somewhat infamous landmark on a corner. A notice indicates the building has been taken over by the State of Colorado for non-payment of $15,000 in taxes.

The action follows a raid by federal authorities as part of a money laundering investigation related to Colombia.

Some neighbors still frightened enough to not want their face shown on TV are pleased the state has control.

“At the end I feel very happy,” an area resident said. “The whole neighborhood feels a whole lot safer.”

It was one of six locations raided by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service that have resulted in federal charges against owners, associates and even a lawyer.

Recently the City of Denver seized the contents of the locations and put them up for auction. But the auction was halted when the taxes were suddenly paid.

Now the state has taken control.

One woman who lives in the neighborhood is glad to see grow facility shut down.

“Personally I think it should be given back to the community if the state seizes it successfully for taxes,” she said.

The building was an old furniture warehouse. It was turned into a grow house, complete with ventilation and video monitoring. While some around the neighborhood felt in danger by the grow house, others felt safer.

“I feel like it provided an element of security for this corner that wasn’t provided by the city or the state,” a woman said.

The state plans to auction off all the growing equipment inside. No date has been set yet.

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