AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A tornado during a golf tournament at a southeast Aurora course injured one man when winds flipped a golf cart that pinned him to the ground.

The victim, who is in his 50s, was taken to a hospital with a fractured wrist, said Capt. Diane Lord with the Aurora Fire Department. He’s expected to be OK.

Michael Celentano’s home video near Blackstone Country Club shows dark clouds churning loose debris. That’s when his daughter, Keri Saccomano, urged him inside her house.

“I had never really seen clouds just moving in all different directions,” Celentano told CBS4. “Pretty soon those unique-looking clouds started swirling around.”

“My dad’s shooting video. I’m like, ‘Dad, come inside,’ and finally the wind got bad enough, I almost couldn’t shut the front door,” Saccomano said.

Sirens sounded, and golfers and caddies sought shelter in her basement, but then they noticed the injured man. Celentano, with 30 years in law enforcement, and Saccomano, who is trained in first response, rushed to him.

“We jumped the fence to go help and he had a compound fracture of his arm, injures on his head,” Celentano said. “Then the hail storm started as were trying to protect it. It was a complete mess.”

Paul Cleveland, 16, who was playing in the tournament, said he and two others were riding a golf cart when they saw a funnel cloud heading in their direction, swirling debris.

“I ducked down, protected my head and waited for the worst,” he said.

Winds also ripped an anchored trailer from its moorings and flipped it over, the Aurora Fire Department said. No one was injured.



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